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 Program Introduction 
2015 Master Program in Professional Accounting for Developing Countries

      This program has been approved as one of the “Master’s Programs for Developing Countries” by both the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Education of the PRC, and is also strongly supported by the Asian Development Bank, the International Accounting Standards Board and other international institutions. Qualified applicants will be granted scholarships by the Chinese government.

      This program is open to fresh university graduates as well as the experienced professionals and the government officials from different countries. It is designed to train those students in the field of accounting, finance and management.

      Students are expected to complete the program full time within 2 years.

      The program aims to
      - provide students with an opportunity to develop functional expertise, strategic perspectives, and financial management tools that are required to understand and effectively operate under changing financial policies.
      - help students to learn both the successes and failures in China's financial policy making and management, and therefore to understand more about how to manage financial, economic and social development in developing countries.
      - introduce students the techniques of financial policy analysis and program evaluation to resolve complex multi-dimensional financial policy challenges, as well as sharpen their financial leadership and communication skills.

      English is used as the language of instruction. The Program is divided into four modules: theory and practice of development, accounting and corporate finance, development track courses, and Chinese culture. Participants are required to earn at least 40 credits, finish a master thesis and pass the thesis defense within two years. After meeting the above requirements and obtaining the approval of SNAI Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, the Master Degree of Professional Accounting authorized by the Ministry of Education of the PRC will be awarded. Candidates should contact the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in your respective country to acquire the application form and other information.
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