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 General Academic Policies 

New students shall report to the Institute within stipulated time. The Institute will recheck new students’ enrollment qualifications during the first three months. Qualified students are allowed to complete enrollment and registration and obtain student status and international student card.

Students must report to the International Student Office for registration at the beginning of each semester. Those who cannot register on time shall ask for leave and postponement of registration. Students who fail to register on time without any proper reason will be considered having given up their student status and voluntary dropping out.

In principle, international students of Master of Professional Accounting Program for Developing Countries are not allowed to suspend schooling. If a student does have particular reasons, the request for suspension is subject to approval of the Presidents’ Working Meeting of the Institute. However, the entitlement to scholarship will not be kept.

Students shall attend all activities arranged by the Institute on time. Students who cannot maintain normal attendance must ask for leave beforehand. Absence without permission will be considered truancy, for which students will be criticized or given disciplinary sanctions in case of serious violations in accordance with relevant regulations.

Students who are absent for more than one third (not including one third) of the total course hours of a particular course are not allowed to sit the final examination.

An advisor accountability system is adopted for international student thesis writing in which students finish their theses independently under the guidance of their advisors.

Institute will use the academic misconduct literature screening system developed by CNKI net of Tsinghua University to test for duplication. Only theses with a duplication rate of less than 20% can proceed to pre-defense and defense.

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