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 Health Insurance 

International students intending to study in the Institute for 3 months or longer must purchase the comprehensive group insurance for international students designated by the Institute. The insurance policy is a compulsory document required for enrollment and registration.

The Institute is responsible for handling the purchase of comprehensive group insurance for international students of Master of Professional Accounting Program for Developing Countries.

Dormitory Regulations

Matters related to the comprehensive group insurance for international students are dealt with in accordance with specific provisions of Ping An Insurance Company of China.

The international student insurance covers public hospital expenses (excluding international departments) and regular outpatient service expenses. It does not cover private hospitals or special needs wards, foreigners’ wards, senior cadres’ wards, VIP wards, etc. in public hospitals.

Name of insurer: Ping An Insurance Company of China, Beijing Branch

Contact person:

Insurance:Du Xinping 01059731688/13693381578

settlement of claims:Zhang Chunxia 010-59731677/18701635617

Mu Huaixin 010-59731677/13811382706

Fax: 010-66217668

Ping An service hotline: 4008866338

Mailing Address:

Project Group for Foreign Students, 9th Floor of Ping An Building

NO. 23 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100033, China

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