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 Dormitory Regulations 

The Logistics Department of the Institute is responsible for the management of international student dormitory.

The administrator(s) are responsible for hygiene supervision and inspection inside and outside the dormitory, making security inspection tours, and coordination of other matters of the dorm building.

Equipment and facilities in dorm rooms shall be used with good care and any damages shall be reported in time. Altering the positions of furniture and facilities or the routes and ports of wires without permission is prohibited. Room structure and appearance shall be kept intact.Dorm administrator(s) will conduct a hygiene inspection of student rooms every week. Rooms that fail the inspection twice on a row will receive an improvement notice from the International Student Office.

The Institute supplies water and electricity to international student dormitory free of charge in accordance with relevant national regulations. Students shall conserve water and ensure safety in electricity use.

Electrical wiring without approval and use of electrical appliances in breach of regulations are strictly prohibited; once identified, these actions are treated as violation of rules and disciplines of the Institute and the appliances will be expropriated.

Accommodating outside visitors in the international student dormitory is prohibited. Outside visitors shall produce valid credentials and register at the entrance post before entry into the campus. Outside visitors shall also register with the dorm administrator by filling the Visitor Registration Form, and surrender legal, valid ID credentials before entering the dorm building with the accompany by the visited student(s). Outside visitors must depart the dorm building by 10 pm on the same day.

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