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 Security & Safety 

Students shall abide by Chinese laws, regulations, and ethical standards, and observe the regulations of the Institute so as to create a good study and living environment.

Safety and fire prevention awareness must be enhanced. Storage of flammable, explosive and hazardous goods, smoking, use of open fire, setting off fireworks and crackers, and cooking food in the dormitory are strictly prohibited. In cases of fire, dial 119 or the alert hotline on campus immediately, and take timely measures to put out the fire source with water or extinguisher.

When crossing the road, look out for vehicles and walk on the zebra lines; no red light jumping or cycling in the opposite direction.

Driving without a license or after drinking is strictly prohibited.

Bring a card with the telephone number of your emergency contact on it. The emergency contact can be your guardian in China, your teacher(s) and friends in the Institute, or your relatives in China.

Ride, dine, lodge and shop with formal organizations and ask for invoices.

Notify the International Student Office before departing from Shanghai for tourism or visiting friends and try to go with a companion; stay in contact with relatives, classmates or the International Student Office during the journey;

Do not lend your passport, student card, campus card or other personal credentials to others to avoid falsely use.

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